Upper Kirby

The Upper Kirby District has transformed in the past 20 years from a deteriorated central area that wasn’t sure if it was part of Montrose or River Oaks, to the hottest zip code in Houston (77098) with its own identity, marked by Olde English style red telephone booths.  Where there were once gas stations, old retail strip centers and open land, there are now some of Houston’s finest restaurants and bars, as well as mixed use centers like West Ave and the Kirby Collection, providing high end retail, class A offices and luxury apartments at the same location, with many more new real estate projects in the works.  Upper Kirby is undergoing continual changes, with a focus now on the taming of Westheimer and Shepherd to bring those roads up to the standard set by Kirby Drive.  Power and phone lines have been buried under ground, larger storm drainage pipes have been installed, modern durable pavement is being laid and truly walkable sidewalks with lighting are underway.  Learn more about the area and ongoing projects at www.upperkirbydistrict.org.


Residential real estate in Upper Kirby includes a combination of homes from the 1920s and 1930s, townhomes, condos and patio homes from the 1980s onward, and condo towers with Houston’s prime addresses like 2727 Kirby and The Regency House.

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