West End / Washington Corridor

The West End has been a designated area of Houston since the early 1900s, referring to the areas west of Downtown out to Memorial Park, along what we now call the Washington Corridor.  Rice Military has become the best known of the neighborhoods, but others include Camp Logan, Crestwood, Glen Cove, Magnolia Grove, Memorial Heights, Sawyer Heights and the Sixth Ward.  In the 1980s, builders started purchasing dilapidated homes in the Rice Military area that were the remnants of Army barracks for enlisted troop in the WWI era, when the Army trained in what is now Memorial Park.  


In their place rose townhome after townhome, starting gentrification of the Washington Corridor, which now hosts high end properties ranging from $300,000 to $1.5 million. Tucked up against Memorial Park, Camp Logan – the previous location of the Army’s officer’s quarters – hosts the higher end townhomes and patio homes, while Crestwood and Glen Cove rival Houston’s finest neighborhoods with pricing in the $1-6 million range.

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